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There are no bad questions. We love them all. That’s why we’ve put this FAQ page together to answer your most common ones. Still want answers? Reach out.

Yes both of our masks are washable as we recommend you to hand wash it and air dry it.

Yes you can customize it up to 10+ masks  please order online to place your order.

Custom orders are only available for bulk orders over 100+ handles.

Our team will notify you where the pickup location is, in Brampton.

We’re currently offering curbside pickup Monday to Saturday, contact us for more info.

It is made out of the strongest acrylic on the market, making it extremely durable.

Always take the necessary health precautions at all times. Spray or wipe to sanitize before, during and after use.

Shipping is one flat rate of $9.99 via Canada Post. We ship all packages XpressPost and a tracking number is provided to you. Please note due to a high volume of orders Canada Posts deliveries are delayed by a few days. Your patience is appreciated as we aim to get your package to you in a timely manner.

All orders are dropped off to your house in a timely manner, it may take up to 1-2 days.  If there is a delay we will notify you by email!

Unfortunately we don’t price match at Brampton Proud if there is a sale.

It is a good option as it fits well on a key chair or our retractable clip. Always remember to sanitize the handle before and after use.

Yes, you can call us at 1 877 433 0929 as our phone lines is open daily from 9am to 1am daily.

YES, we ship our product anywhere in the world. Shipping costs vary per order, contact us for more information.

Unfortunately at the moment the handle doesn’t work on touchscreen.

Unfortunately the handle can’t open up doors knobs.

All products in stock are shipped out the next business day via Canada Post.

Our BP team is offering home delivery service for all products we sell in a contactless transaction.

Brampton is our home. It’s a place of opportunity, and a city we truly love. Our vision is to build a stronger community one person at a time.

Brampton Proud is a sub brand of DMINDED, we’re located Downtown Brampton.

Sponsorship packages are available for organizations seeking to support our great cause.

Due to current circumstances our manufacturer is operating with limited staff. Your patience is very much appreciated!

You can purchase your apparel on our website or the Farmer’s Market starting June 15, 2019.

No. We are not affiliated with the City of Brampton. This organization is founded and funded by DMINDED.

Custom orders are available upon request. A minimum order must be placed.

DMINDED is the proud creators of Brampton Proud.

Machine-wash in warm water, turning the apparel inside out. Air-dry all clothes to avoid shrinkage.

Unfortunately no refunds are accepted. Please note all sales at BP are final.

Terms And Conditions

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